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upload capped at 5mbps when I should be getting 20

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Hi Team,


Hope this finds you well and that you can assist me..

I was signed up with iinet 50/20 with the modem that was supplied by them VX420-G2h, It seems a similar issue is happening to me as per other topics I am only getting 5mbps upload I thought it was the provider so I jump shipped to ABB, they told me to do a factory reset on the router which I did and saw the upload speeds reach 20mbps several minutes later back down to 5mbps.. I don't know why this is happening when I have paid for the modem it seems like something is getting pushed to limit me to 5mbps? ABB cannot do anything and neither can iinet.. when I factory reset I can see DSL account tpg_acs seems like those are factory by default .. Can you please assist me or PM me for further details 

Firmware Version:2.0.0 0.9 v603c.0 Build 220110 Rel.12310n Hardware Version:VX420-G2h v1 00000000


Same issue below



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Hi @digitalerr0r


We strongly recommend that you contact iiNet if your NBN service is with them.