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webmail interface

Level 1a

Usually if I need to access tpg webmail, I use a browser on a desktop machine ... no probs.

Currently I am travelling and forced to use an ipad / safari to access webmail.

I cannot find any way (ie there are no visible menus or button as per info in tpg help area) that allows me to move some messages (that are not spam) from spam folder to inbox.



Any suggestions?

Level 8

Hi @selim welcome to the TPG community, I just logged in to my webmail from an iPad and initially couldn't see the options that you mention however after rotating the iPad to landscape mode it appeared.




Level 1a

Tried landscape mode ... and yes I can see the spam folder and its contents, but cannot see any way to MOVE contents to inbox. On a desktop browser, I can just drag/drop, but on ipad, all that happens is that onscreen text gets selected .....

here is what my screen looks like .... no 'move' buttons as shown on help page are visible


As a now retired IT person, how I wish it all just worked!

Level 8

Hi @selim I can move items from the inbox to the spam folder by ticking the checkbox on the email and clicking the icon to the right of the forward icon, it doesn't give me that option going the other way though.