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wifi access, why cant guests at my house access my wifi

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why cant guests at my house access my tpg wifi

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If you have an Archer VR1600  modem (and probably others) the default for guest network = off.


Worth a look while you are waiting for a guru to respond.


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Try giving some more details, what type of modem, what type of internet adsl or nbn? 

I have a tp-link modem or Archer VR1600v as people are calling it and guests can use it no problems.

They simply search for networks, choose mine and I put in the password. Just make sure they don't save the network. My kid once used the neighbours internet, they let him and they put the password in and saved it. I found him using it all the time!! 



Hi @kymflynn23,


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Are you currently using the TPG supplied router (TP-Link C1200) for your NBN Fibre to premise service? If yes, please follow the simple steps below:


TP-Link C1200 Emulator


1. Using browser access modem's GUI by typing in and type in the default UN/PW 'admin'.

2. click on 'Basic' and then click on Guest network

3. From there you will have the option to edit your guest network profile.


Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need further assistance.


Kind regards,