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High ping to gaming servers (Overwatch / League of legends), and slow download speed

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Level 1c

The problem already existed for around 2 weeks. Normally the ping in overwatch is 17-25 stable, but since 2 weeks ago the ping was very unstable and consistently went up to 300-800 ping, which is unplayable at all. This situation also applied to League of Legends and other online games.


Moreover, the download speed becomes very slow, the download speed in Steam ( gone from around 1.3mb/s to 200kb/s.


I've made no changes to my TPG plan or router settings. Power cycling the modem did nothing. Also tried to do a factory reset on my modem and router but still nth happen.


Please help !



Good day @chan1991,


I understand that you were able to contact our Tech team and the Low sync speed issue was escalated to our Engineers for further investigation. They'll be in touch via SMS or phone call for further updates. Thank you.