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work from home static IP

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There was talk TPG was looking at offering static IP's to its NBN customers a year or so ago, just as it has provided for at least the 10 years that I've been with TPG on DSL.

In these crazy times more and more people have to work from home, and to obtain access to corporates need static IP's for ACL's.

Is TPG doing anything about this now where even the government is mandating as many people as possible work remotely?

I myself are now on the sub three month cut-off date for DSL and have been holding out for TPG to enable this because I need remote accesses to manage our phone system and other services at multiple locations, where VPN is not appropriate, since VPN's by nature still require an open port somewhere.

Regrettably is TPG is not offering this within a month I too will sadly after a long and happy service, be forced to use an alternative provider, so I'm hoping some progress on this was made now?

Aussiebroadband have made this offer to me at prices that match TPG on a 50mbps plan but as TPG has had my loyalty for over 10 years I'd thought I'd ask one last time before I churn out, I did email forum_admin,but i guess since TPGs staff are not australian they were into lockdown long before we were and it gos unanswered, NBN isnt in a stop with COVID-19 and will still cut us off if we haven't moved, by start of  June.