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How to Check TPG supplied modem delivery status

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This article describes how to check your modem order from TPG. Where it is and how long it will take to get there.

Note: All NBN customers receive a modem from TPG.

You have the option of getting a modem for your TPG ADSL service


Once the Modem order is placed it will generate the below email and send it to your nominated email address


 Pic 1.PNG


Important info from the email

Consignment note number: Startrack tracking number. Can track order via website or by calling

Deliver time frames: Metropolitan deliveries to capital cities are normally made on the next
working day. Deliveries in other areas are normally made within 2-7 working days, depending on your location.

Startrack details: and 132345.

Important note: The shipment details may not appear in Startrack system until after 7pm


Checking Startrack website

Once you receive your Consignment note number (tracking number) in the email.

You can go to Startrack website to track your order:


Click on Track & Trace


Pic 2.PNG


 Enter your Consignment note number (tracking number) in the tracking field.


Pic 3.PNG


You will see a detailed timeline of where your order is as per below


Pic 4.PNG


If the delivery was missed the modem will only be held at Startrack location for 7 days berfore being returned to TPG.

If your modem is returned to TPG you will need to ring TPG Customer Service on 131423 Option 3 to get modem redelivered.


For any delivery updates you can call Startrack on 132345