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Troubleshooting No Dial Tone - TPG Home Phone/Voice Service

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Troubleshooting TPG Home Phone/Voice Service – No Dial Tone


A No Dial Tone issue occurs when there is silence instead of the normal tone/beeping when you pick up your phone handset to make a call. There are a few easy troubleshooting steps you can do before needing to call TPG Support. These troubleshooting steps can resolve most common issues and save you time as a result.


1. Before you get started, check our Service Status for any outages in your area.


2. If you have NBN or TPG FTTB, check if your internet service is working. If the internet service is down, this will affect your home phone service too as the phone (voice) relies on the internet service. Please call TPG straight away if your internet and phone services are both not working. 


3. Check your equipment is connected correctly. Sometimes connections between your equipment can become loose.


Keep in mind that your handset is plugged in differently depending on the type of internet service you have. (For example, for most NBN connections, the phone handset is plugged into the modem!). Check out the links below to check your phone setup of your service is right:


Also, if you have a cordless phone, ensure your phone’s base station is switched on.


3. Test another phone handset and phone cable (If available). Phone line problems can be caused by several things, but a common cause is a faulty hardware. If a different handset gives you a dial tone but the original handset doesn’t, it means the original handset may be faulty.


4. From here, continue with the steps below, depending on the type of internet service you have:


NBN Bundle


  • If there is an NBN connection box in your premise, restart the connection box by unplugging the power cable attached to the connection box, then plugging it back in.
  • If there is no NBN connection box in your premise, then proceed with restarting your modem. We recommend allowing 5 minutes after restarting modem before retesting for dial tone.


ADSL2+ Home Bundle


  • Perform an "isolation test" - unplug all devices from every phone socket in your premises except for one phone handset (ensure any DSL filter or splitter is also disconnected). Check for dial tone. This process is to rule out interference caused by other devices that were plugged in to the phone sockets around your home.
  • Test other phone sockets - If your phone works when it's plugged into one wall socket but not another, you may have internal wiring issues. If you suspect this is the case, please contact an ACMA-licensed electrician. This means that they are properly licensed to work on communications cables.




  • Check internet service and ensure that it’s working. If internet service is not working, then you need to resolve the issue first as the voice service relies on the internet service.
  • Restart your modem. We recommend allowing 5 minutes after restarting modem before retesting for dial tone.


Still having difficulties? Please contact TPG Support on 13 14 23 (option 2 for technical support).


Thanks to our team member Aldrin T. for contributing to this article!