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Audio distortion on home phone service.

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I am fortunate enough to have an FTTP connection for my NBN Broadband XL Bundle 100/40.  There is a problem with the home phone service when an incoming call is received from a mobile. The mobile user hears very distorted audio from the home phone. The audio from the mobile sounds okay at the home phone.

Is this a known problem?

If not, I will do some systematic testing, for example to see if it depends on which mobile network in use, or in the RSSI at the mobile.


@johnlush1 it is the first time I have encountered this issue with NBN FTTP. There should not be any issue or difference when you receive the call from a mobile or land line.


I would appreciate it if you would record the info mentioned above like specific time, provider, etc. so I can have our voice engineers look into this.


I did check out the phone settings on our end and it seems to be normal.

Please keep us posted.



Joseph D