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I have a customer that has signed up for BizPhone. This service is extremely limited and restricted.

The customer wants to use a boardroom conference phone that is also a yealink model which should participate with the BizPhone PBX effectivly. The conference phone has good noise cancelation and great microphones.



I'm being told that i can't get the configuration details for the SIP account.

Nor can i get the admin details to the phone with the extension we wish to use. (To find out most of the information i need)


Instead...... you'll love this... I'm told i need to purchase an additional Sip Trunk to use a conference phone.

This is rediculas. So an extra $60 a month just to use an improved SIP connection?


<sarcasm>I would hate to be a business in COVID where i need the account to attach to the VOIP app on my phone so i can work wherever i am freely... You know, like voip is capable of?</sarcasm>



1. Can i get Configuration details for the service so i can provision better phones.

2. Can i get admin access to the phone itself? Frontier can't support all the configuration options we wish to use.

3. Because i assume the answer to question 1 and 2. Can i please get something in writing saying that TPG are happy to cancle the contract on this restrictive system so we can change to a single 4 X trunk and run a proper PBX for business?


P.S. the support for BizPhone is terrible. It's like they have only just read the instruction manual and will only answer with a pre-canned response. Its very disapointing.


Hi @Fibre1000 ,


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We'd love to help get to the bottom of this. Please send me your account  details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file) we'll raise this to our BizPhone Technicians and have them contact you.


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community