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Can I use my home phone whilst Internet is disconnected on VDSL modem?

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To keep my children safe when we're not home I like to remove all Internet access. Now that I've connected to the NBN is it possible to use my home phone whilst Internet is disconnected on my VDSL modem?


Hi @swillment,


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The Parental Control feature of your modem would help.


You can set your modem to prevent internet access at certain times of the day for specific computers, smartphones or tablets that are primarily used by your child.


If you're using the TPLink VR1600v, please follow the steps below (ensure that your device is connected to the modem).


First, you need to access the Modem interface by opening any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), then type in the address bar the default IP address of the modem -


Type in admin for username and password unless changed.



On the Modem interface, Please select the "Advance Tab"image.png



On the "Advance Tab"



  1. Toggle on Parental Controls
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter or scan the Device Name, MAC address of the device manually to add this if it is not connected to the modem.
  4. Select the Effective Time period during which the restriction applies
  5. Enter a description into the Description field
  6. Select Enable this entry
  7. Click Save



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Hi Erika,


Thanks for your reply.


I did look at parental controls prior to asking the question; my understanding is that parental controls doesn't remove Internet access, but allows you to apply restrictions to content (Facebook, Youtube etc.) during the effective times set.




Hi @swillment,

If you wish your internet not to work while home phone is working you have the option to disable or change the Wi-Fi password for time to time.


If you need a reference how to setup Wireless connection you can visit this link.

Retrieving Wi-Fi Password on TPG Modems


Let me know how it will go.



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Thanks Shane,


Thanks for your reply.


Changing the WiFi password is not an option as it doesn't stop my Internet from working, but stops devices being able to connect via WiFi. I have some wired devices which I need to disable access on too.


I've found the solution I need in Security>Access Control.




I am glad to know that @swillment. Thank you for posting the additional reference, this is very helpful.


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I can confirm that Access Control works perfectly for this and the phone still works too.

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I was going to suggest asking your kids, they usually know how to restrict and enable access to anything.


Hope you changed the default modem password and are keeping it real safe....