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Can not receive incoming calls - Line busy ?

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Good Evenning All,


On Tuesday the 31st of December 2019. I had a technician attend my residence to fix internet service.

The internet service now seems to be stable and getting correct speeds. However I mention to the technician on the the day after he said all was good, that I can not recieve incoming call,his reply was sorry not my department and that I would have to ring TPG helpdesk again!!!. So therefore I did call and the operator tried all tests to no avail he then told me that he would arrange for a phone line technician to attend and investigate. And today I recieved a txt saying that all is now stable and working and can we close the case - Ticket #10106746 the issue is not fixed with phone. 

I have looked in the modem Archer VR 1600V  basic settings clicked on phone tab and there is nothing registered see photo and on modem Line 1 solid ? 

This issue needs to be adressed as I have elderly parents that rely calling me on the land line.


Phone Status.png

Kind Regards 




Hi @xr64me ,


One of our Engineers tried to contact you yesterday afternoon unfortunately no avail. We'd like to confirm if the Homephone service is still not working, if so please let us know your best contact number and preferred time we'll have them contact you within the day.



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