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Can't receive calls to my TPG landline from my Optus mobile number

Level 2
Hi. I am no longer able to receive calls from my Optus mobile number to my TPG landline. There is just silence when I try to call the TPG landline with my Optus mobile. My Optus mobile can call other numbers with no issues. My husband can call our TPG landline with his Telstra mobile and our TPG landline can call my Optus mobile fine and make all other calls out fine. I called TPG earlier with ticket number 12535130 about this issue. There is a post on this TPG Community by a TPG customer titled "Can't receive calls on our home phone from our Optus mobile" on the 10/01/2022 which describes exactly the issue we are having and the fault once logged with the Engineering Team was solved by TPG. Can TPG please look into this and fix our issue. I've screenshot a part of the post I was referencing but it wouldn't let me attach anymore. Thank you in advance.


Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I would like to have a better understanding of your situation to address your request. 


Please PM us with your details like customer ID or username of the concerned account.


How do I private message (PM) in the community?



Level 2
Hi Jhoey,
I have pm you my username for the account concerned. Hopefully, this can get sorted as soon as possible. It seems this is an issue that more TPG customers have experienced as I have since found more posts within the TPG Community who had the same issue and it's not just Optus mobiles. Looks like it can be just random numbers that can't call TPG landlines.