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Extending ring time on land line phone.

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I have just purchased Vtech phone which allows me max 8 rings before diverting to voicemail. This takes about 20 seconds which is not long enough to get to phone on many occasions. How do I extend ring time to at least 40 secs? 

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Maybe this will help


To change the ring time:


Step 1 of 3: Pick up the phone and press * 99 
Step 2 of 3:
 Enter the number of seconds you wish the phone to ring before a call is diverted (between 5 and 60 seconds). 
Step 3 of 3: Press # and hang up.


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Hi @leaney22,


This community post may have the answer you're after.


Looks like TPG has a default 40 seconds standard telephone ring time for home phone services. It seems from your post that the handset you purchased only has a limit of 20 seconds. You could try to use a different handset that has an option to extend the telephone rings closer to the TPG max of 40 seconds.


Any Telstra codes wouldn't work on TPG home phone as TPG uses their own home phone network.