Level 2
Hi there, last week I contacted TPG on Wednesday the 15th of March as I told them that I have recently bought a new home phone set and as soon I got installed it seems like it I couldn't receive any calls from either my friends or relatives when they call through my home phone number. And I couldn't able to phone my home phone number with my mobile phone either.
And also since I also have my grandparents that live with me and my parents as well that don't have like a mobile phone device with them and they would always have to rely on the home phone to call people that they need to contact as well.
So I don't know what's the issue here, And ever since that Wednesday last week when I contacted TP they gave me a reference '128 575 19'. And it's been already a week or so they still haven't like contacted me or done any sort of movement to it.
So I really just want to let you know by this and maybe perhaps get this problem sorted as soon as you can, because it's just so inconvenient for both of my grandparents and my relatives from not able to contact each other since my grandparents most often uses the home phone device to them.

Hi @Jess_01


If this is for an NBN service, your homephone should work if your internet does. Let's have your TPG account details via private message so we can check the status of the homephone and see if it's something we can fix remotely.