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Home Phone has stopped working

Level 2

Our home phone was working fine until we noticed yesterday morning that we were unable to call out or receive calls. We have a dial tone and it seems like the number is called and then nothing. When calling our home phone there is just nothing. 


Our internet is working fine, we have tried a different handset and the same problem still occurs. 


Emailed the help desk over 28 hours ago, who sent a reply with basics to look at as they couldn't find a problem. We have unplugged, replugged into phone 1 socket, reset modem numerous times, tried a different brand of handset, and all to no avail. Advised the help desk by email last night that all steps had failed, this morning at 830am received an email that we would receive a call from technician to fix the problem, have not heard anything.  Sent another email to the help desk stating that I had not heard from the technician, no answer to that yet either. Perhaps they are trying to call our home phone number that doesn't work? At this stage pretty irritated, I have an elderly mother who lives by herself who I usually phone every day to check on. It seems this problem is a pretty usual occurence going by the posts, really need assistance on this. 


Hi @linpet5


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that the issue was raised to our HP Engineers for further investigation.

An assigned Engineer will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call within 24 to 48 hours.


Stay safe.


Level 2

I received an sms with a case number over 24 hours ago. Is this counted as getting in touch with me? 


Rather frustrating as I still do not have phone access. 


Alright an hour after posting this, my phone is now working. Apparently all it needed was a refresh of my system at the TPG end. I asked why it had taken so long to find out that was all that was required and was informed that it was a mis step by the Help Desk. 


Hopefully this post helps anyone else experiencing the same problem, so that their error can be fixed more quickly. 


We have made a follow up with our Engineering Team and we have advised the case engineer to contact you to discuss the progression of the case.


Kindly await a call within the day.