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Home Phone too "Noisy"

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For the last 5 days I have been unable to use my landline phone because the "noise" that you hear when using it means that I cannot hear the other person and they can't hear me either. This is the third time in roughly six months that this has happened and TPG can't seem to get the problem permanently fixed. I have tried twice today to phone the Customer Support team (using a neighbour's phone) but after a long wait each time, when my call was eventually answered the operator could not hear me and disconnected the call each time. GRRRRR. How do I get someone at TPG to actually call me on my mobile and sort this matter out once and for all? Will I need to get the Telecommunications Ombudsman involved?


Hi @markana


Welcome to the Community. 


I've located your account using your Community details and can see that this case is being handled by our Engineering team. 


I'm sorry to know that you're still experiencing issues with the homephone service. 


After doing tests on the line, our Engineers determined an issue with the physical line. This line is being managed by Telstra, hence, checks and fixing this can only be performed by a Telstra technicians. 


Our Engineers has raised this with Telstra and we're now waiting for an update. 


I've also now chased this with our Engineering team and requested for this to be prioritised. 


Our Engineers will provide you an update via SMS or phone call once additional information becomes available.