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Recent home phone call charge even though never used in recent years.

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We have been exchanging emails for sometimes. Please let me summarise it here and I think people need to be aware. 


On 28 Oct 2018, I got an email syaing the balance of home phone prepayment dropped below $5 so automatic top-up occured. 


I contacted that that's not possible because we do not use the home phone at all (we don't even have home phone any more). 


Then I got a reply saying 

"It appears that you have responded to the system generated email sent on 28-10-2018." 


Also, "We are sorry to inform that we have recorded calls to mobile and 13/1300 numbers from January 2014 and it was deducted from the $20.00 Home Phone Prepayment."


First of all, nothing to sorry about. Yes. Thank you very much. We need them so we know which one is legitimate. 


I have been asking for the explanation of 'the event'  over the last 2~3 emails. I don't really understand about it. It just doesn't make sense to me how on earch charges can happen when we don't even use it anymore. 


Please do provide the home call history and its charges. It's going to be very handful transactions and I need to go through them. I just complely lost trust in your home phone charges anymore. 

I could be wrong. What I am asking for an understandable and sensible explanation which I can accept the charge because at the moement it doesn't make sense to me. 


I am just completly lost about your reponse of  "I have responsed to the system emails.". Well, it sounds like you can send out automatic emails to home phone numbers and charge fees, which sound morally worng ... and also illegal to me.  By the way, where is this system generated email from?? who sent it out (I hope it is not you)?  Also, how  can home phone response to an email??? How does it work?? for example, an email is sent out to home phone (???) then let's say I picked up the phone (which I don't have). Now I get charged?? Is that how it works???    Please provide an explanation. 


Please response to my actual qeustion and if I were you, I would be very curious to find out how often, since when, how much has happened to your customers. 



Hi @taekr,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We just need to clarify that responding to our system generated email will/should NOT cost you anything.


The system generated email will be sent automatically to our customers once they've met a certain condition which we programmed into our system application.


Your case is a good example of it.


We've configured the system to notify you (or other customers on the same plan) that once the Home Phone Prepayment Outside Included Value has dropped below $5.00, we will automatically debit the account to restore the required balance of $20.00.


Now, for your claim that you are not using the home phone for a long time, it shows on the usage that you are right.


However, we reviewed it further and here's what we've learned.


If you will check your account (My Account), look for TPG Home Phone Services then click on View TPG Home Phone Service Account. You may go directly to the Home Phone Usage, then search for the date;


Charges for the period 2014-07-23 00:00:00 to 2014-08-22 23:59:59:


You'll notice your call usages which have a record that you've used it on 2014-07-25 13:52:53 up to the 2014-08-22 12:05:22.


If you still have the older emails that we've sent you before dated 2014-08-14 18:39:36. You'll notice that it has the same information which informs you that you've exceeded the minimum POIV balance required. You were able to settle it on the 2014-08-19, which means you have a fresh $20 balance. Then you used the phone service again on the 2014-08-22 12:05:22 (which is still under the same billing cycle) and caused you $0.58500.


If you will check your phone usages starting from 2014-08-22 12:05:22 up to 2018-10-28 10:49:58 and add up the charges, it will give you a total of $15.35 amount used. Since your POIV balance will be $4.65, the system was triggered and sent you an email since the condition was met.


We value our customers and would not make any unnecessary steps to take away their trust in our company and service. If it's still unclear, please let us know and I'll arrange a call from our Accounts team to discuss this further.


Kind regards,


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Hi BasilDV


Just back from the holiday...  just found about your reply. 


I cannot believe I have to keep repeating myself. I dont care about all the trasnactions happened prior to 2015 Dec 31. Please do not bring them up. 


I am aware about the top-up and I totally understand and am ok with that. 


Now let's talk about the last phone called recorded on 2018 Oct 28. 


Since 2015 Dec 22, we have stopped using home phone and all of sudden a call was charged on 2018 Oct 2018, which triggered the auto-topup (again I don't care about auto-topup. I am talking about the last call charged). 


If you look at the attached screenshot, the usage type of the call is 'Time'. Looking at the prior transacitons, there are only two types 'Local' and 'Mobile', which i said yes I used them and yes they are ok. But what is 'usage type: Time'? 


What did I do? We are NOT using at all why charbed? Yes it's just 40 cents???   It may be small but if this happens to a lot of customers, it could be substantial. 


We don't even connect to Home Phone anymore so why happened? 


Please do not talk about 'AUTO Top Up'. Please focus on the last transaction.!!!!!




Hi @taekr


Apologies for the trouble. 


I've had a look at your account and can see that you've been coordinating this case with our Accounts Team via e-mail. 


They've replied to your e-mail and is now awaiting for your response. 


It's unusual that this number (1194 - Speaking Clock) has been dialled on your Homephone even though you don't have any phone plugged in to modem. 


I've raised this case for further investigation to our Homephone Engineers.


We will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.





Hi @taekr


We've raised this to our Homephone Engineers but they were unable to identify who or what made the call from your premises. 

Usage of some services can occur because of an infection of your computer with a virus or due to other unauthorised third party intrusions. You should ensure that you have appropriate protection systems operating on your equipment to restrict or limit the possibility of unauthorised usage.


As TPG is not able to control access or usage of your handsets and other equipment, you are responsible for all usage charges in respect of the use of the service, whether or not such usage was authorised by you, unless the usage was caused by a mistake by TPG.


Nonetheless, I understand that this case has now been raised to one of our Account Supervisors. A call was made to your Mobile number registered on your account but it seems that she was unable to get through. 


Should you have a preferred contact time and number, please let us know via Private Message so that we can coordinate and rearrange this call for you. 


For your reference, please see our article on How do I private message (PM) in the community. 




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Please see my comment below.


1. Usage of some services can occur because of an infection of your computer with a virus

-  you are saying a vrius can make a call to 1194 (just once up until now) to make me pay 40 cents?  Which means someone must be profit from this? 


If this is the case, then I cannot be the only person with this issue, can I? Am I the only person with this virus which makes a call to 1194 from my computer (while no home phone is physically connected?). I do not know much about this so please verfiy this. It sounds like a serious issue then. 


2. or due to other unauthorised third party intrusions.

- Really? Are you saying that   

   Step1. someone broke into my unit

   step 2.  plug a phone to a model socket

   Step 3. dial 1194 (Speaking clock)

   step 4. unlug the home phone and left the property with it used for this crime. 



Hi @taekr,


Thank you for your comments. We will take them into account.  


Just to be clear the virus part is for the unauthorize internet usage.


As for third party intrusions, a sample would be a back to base alarm system that is connected to the line.


Let us know should you need further assistance.


Kind regards,