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I'm now on the NBN and my home phone has been transfered over to TPG from Telstra;  How /Can I divert the home phone to my mobile? and is there any aditional costs to calls?

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Hi @KevFerg


You can divert calls from home to mobile. You may find this link helpful: https://community.tpg.com.au/t5/Featured-Articles/TPG-Home-Phone-Voice-Features/ba-p/975

Just go straight to call divert section.


For diverted calls, normal charges will apply.

Your home phone will shoulder the costs.


Hi @KevFerg,


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Please be advised when you a call divert a standard fee will apply depending on your plan.


If you wish to know more details about the fee and to avoid unwanted charges. We'd love to arrange a call from one of our Account Specialists to discuss it with you.


Feel free to PM me your best contact number and preferred time.

In case you need a reference: How to send a PM.