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TPG Home Phone (Voice) Features

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TPG Home Phone (Voice) Features


TPG Home Phone or Voice service comes with various call features included for your convenience.


If you already have a Home Phone or Voice service with TPG, you can manage your phone features using the Home Phone Service Control Panel within Your Account.


This article explains the function of each of the phone feature's.


Call Barring

Call Barring allows you to restrict certain call types that can be dialled from your TPG phone service. This function can be used as a parental control to restrict young children from making certain outbound calls. This service is free service.

You can choose to bar the following outgoing call types:

  • Calls long distance calls (STD)
  • Calls to mobile phones
  • International calls


Pic 1.PNG


Number Display/Number Block

Number Display/Number Block allows you to enable or disable your telephone number displayed or blocked when calling other parties. This service is free service.

 Pic 2.PNG


Directory Listing

Directory listing allows you the option to list your name, TPG phone number and address in the White Pages and Directory Assisted Services or restrict (Silenced) the directory listing. Your TPG phone number is silenced free of charge by default.

Please note, once details are modified for directory listing please allow approximately 5 working days for the changes to reflect on digital White Pages and Sensis. 

 Pic 3.PNG



Call Forwarding/Diverting

Call Forwarding/Diverting allows you to transfer calls from your home phone to a number you choose on various conditions. Standard call charges apply for forwarded calls.


Below are the different conditions where you can enable call forwarding/diverting;

  • Divert all incoming calls – all incoming calls will be diverted immediately to a specified number.
  • Divert if no reply – Incoming calls will be diverted to specified number when there is no reply after a specified time.
  • Divert if busy - If someone calls your phone number while it is engaged, this feature will forward the call to a specified number.



Pic 4.png


Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you on your TPG phone service. This feature is a free service.


Call Waiting

This feature notifies you of an incoming call on your TPG phone service while you are already on a call. You can place your call on hold to answer the incoming call. To use this service, your phone needs to have either the ‘recall’ or ‘flash’ button. This feature is a free service.


If you have any further queries, please post your question on the TPG Community.


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