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Home phone cannot receive incoming calls (congested error)

Level 1c

Whenever anyone tries to call the home phone they get the error message 

"the destination you dialed is currently congested"


Can someone look into this for me please.


Regards Mike


Welcome to TPG Community,

Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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Level 1c

Oh and yes i have restarted the modem./router and checked all cables too.

Level 1c

Keeps happening. For a supposedly award winning company they are **ing **. I got onto the Telecommunications Ombudsman and things seemed to be OK. That lasted for about a month and a half instead of the usual one month fix. TPG are **ing worst ISP I have ever used. I now am having the same problem again even though it was supposedly fixed last week. I think they have no idea what they are doing.



Hi @hawkeyenic


Thanks for raising this matter to us and we're sorry that you have encountered an issue on your incoming calls. We've re-escalated your phone issue to our Engineering Team for further investigation. You should hear from our senior case engineer before 3PM AEST today via mobile. 


Let me know if you need more assistance.