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Home phone disconnected

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Level 2

My home phone has been disconnected for some time now and I have emailed techops, rang TPG and more recently had an online chat with TPG which resulted in the matter being referred to "enginerring". After the chat I received a text message to say ticket number 10440483 was issued to look into the matter. About a week later, on 1 May, I received a call from TPG at around 9pm , but I was unable to take the call and got a further text from TPG asking me to advise a time suitable for another call - which I did. Nothing heard from TPG since.

I expect the diconnection problem may be too difficult for TPG to easily fix and in one of my dealings with TPG there was a comment that TPG could resolve the matter by giving me a new phone number. I wasn't keen on that option at the time, but would now be happy to do this to get the home phone working. Hope you can help me resolve this long running matter.


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You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address and mobile number so i can check status here.