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1. If I don't use the home phone, do I have to recharge the prepay phone fee monthly?
2. If I run out of the home phone prepay fee, will the internet stop?
Looking forward to your kindly answers.

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We appreciate your query. The Home Phone Prepayment Outside Included Value is a pre-payment kept on the account for charges outside or in excess of your plan's included value. If your POIV (Prepayment Outside Included Value) goes below $10, we will automatically top up an amount to make it $20 again. 
The initial $20 pre payment is necessary as the Internet and home phone Line rental bundle we are offering you today is sold as Pre-paid. As the line we are connecting will be capable of being used as a standard home phone service, the pre-payment will act as a reserve for any calls made that are not included in your bundle selection. If you choose not to make calls, then this payment will remain intact with no further payment made towards your monthly service charges.
We've configured the system to notify you (or other customers on the same plan) that once the Home Phone Prepayment Outside Included Value has dropped below $10, we will automatically debit the account to restore the required balance of $20.00. Your internet will not be affected in the event that the pre-payment goes below the $10.
Hope this video helps: TPG $20 Prepayment Outside Included Value


Feel free to let us know should you have further queries.