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IP Phone - Incorrect Time Displayed

Level 3

Have previously been with TPG on ADSL2+ with IP Phone - during that period the time on the IP phone was correctly displayed.


Recently moved to TPG NBN with IP phone - NBN connection was quick, the IP Phone connected a day later.

Have noticed that for some reason the IP Phone time is incorrect (one hour earlier than correct time - and we are currently in Daylight Savings period here). Have tried to manually set the correct time on the phone but it keeps reverting back to the incorrect time.


Have tried notifying TPG but am wondering whether anyone here has a solution?


Hi @Bilby,


Welcome to the community!

What type of NBN service do you have? If its an NBN FTTN, FTTC, HFC which the IP phone/Home phone requires to connect directly to the modem/router, it receives the Time Setup on the modem/router itself. We recommend to update the modem/router's time or set it to Daylight Saving Time.

Let us know how it will go.