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Landline doesn't work but NBN does

Level 2

Recently had NBN connected with landline.

I think it worked when setup but didn't really test.

Now when I ring assigned number from my mobile the landline does not ring. Also there is no dialtone when I pick up the landline phone.

Phone and NBN (modem router) are connected to double adaptor from wall.

I have read articles but cannot find solution.

Hope you can help.


Hi @louisebarnes56 ,


What type of NBN Connection do you have? Can you post an image of the current set up of your newly installed NBN connection together with the handset?


If you're with TPG NBN-FTTP the home phone should be connected on designated UNI-V port 1 or 2 but if you have TPG NBN-FTTN, FTTC, HFC the home phone must be connected on the phone 1 port of the supplied modem/router.