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internet is working for me but phone calls are stopped, don't know the problem

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Over the weekend I lost home phone line which was plugged into the wall sockets. Spoke to a technician from TPG yesterday & they told me I now need to plug my phone into line 1 on the back of my modem.

I have done this with several phones but have no noise/dial tone at all.

Also I have an elderly mother which needs a phone next to her bed in the back part of the house which cannot reach the modem, how can I set this up?

Can someone please advise asap


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We're sad to know that you're having issues with the home phone, we tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it shows no matching records found. Shoot me a private message with your account details (Customer ID/Username together with the address on file) to better understand the situation.


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Hi najir12. When you said "line 1" for the phone, it is the Phone1 port, not the Lan1 port.

If you have FTTP connection, it is the Uni-V1 port on the NBN box. 

Regarding a phone for your mother, you could use a telephone base station connected to the router with cordless remote handsets. That depends on how far to the back of the house. 

It may be possible to modify the phone wiring in your house so that the one cable from the router can drive 2 or 3 standard phones through a double adaptor type of connection. 

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