Landline is dead

Level 2

Had this problem since I accepted the change to NBN ifrom ADSL in 2019! the problem started from day one. Landline was dropping off intermittently and sometimes totally. Had two visits by Technicians, changed modem twice and forced me to buy a new phone handset. Despite of all these I had to reset my modem almost once a week that is very frustrating and the main problem was people could not contact me via my land line no incoming calls. Since begining of August 2020 the landline is totally inoperative. There is a dial tone, but can not make any outbond call or receive inbond. The internet however is working!! I have spent over 103 minutes on the phone with technical and engineering team with no success. The worse thing is that they do not admit to their inadequacy of solving problem and lingring customer in the air! Is there any Operation Manager in this company who has enough dignity to face this and accept responsibility for this mess?

Who is going to compensate my 103 minutes time wasted on the phone with bunch of incompetent technical/engineer people since 12th of August? It is redicilous and unacceptable, there is no dignity in this company whatsoever. What do you think we are a bunch of silent lamb being slaughtered by unethical company; it is sickening and disgusting.




I can see you have made contact with the TPG Helpdesk and they are working with you to sort your problem out.