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Message - This number is not available with this service

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Over the past year when dialling a TPG number from the UK I receive a message saying that 'This number is not available with this service'.  I have checked with my service provider in the UK and they have confirmed that the fault is not at their end.


This problem is becoming so frequent that I now cannot get through 80% of the time I call.  


I am currently in Sydney and so able to chat through the issue if someone is able to call me.




Hi @AndyD1,


Welcome to the community!


If the home phone/mobile phone service is active there should be no problem receiving international calls. The Incoming calls issue from international source (ISP) must be reported by the calling party to your local Provider in UK as TPG cannot do anything about it.


Let us know should you require further assistance.

Level 1a

Hi Shane,

Thanks for your message but I have checked with my provider in the UK (Sky) and they have confirmed there is no issue at their end. Furthermore, the message has an Australian accent and so would imply there is an issue here.


is this possibly an issue due to NBN rollout? The telephone that is used is a Dect 6.0 and is this telephone compatible with TPG and NBN? Also, do I need to check if there should be any specific settings on the telephone to ensure everything works?





Hi @AndyD1,


If you recently upgraded the service from TPG ADSL2+ to TPG NBN the home phone there is a possibility that you're unable to receive a call overseas while the home phone is in the process of porting but this take usually 1-5 working days.

Does this issue affect the local calls?

Note: Porting process will affect both international and local incoming calls and once it is done normal phone service should work.

Normal Telephones should work with the NBN service. Ensure that it is connected to the correct port to work. If you have NBN FTTP it should be connected to the NBN Box's Telephone Port and if you have NBN FTTC, FTTN, HFC it must be directly connected to the modem/router's phone port.