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My phone isnt working but internet is fine

Level 2
I've been with TPG for years and finally convinced dad to move the home phone from Telstra to TPG. Internet arrived, was connected, worked immediately, but home phone is not ringing on this end.
Have tried contacting through the TPG website, and somebody responded back to me asking for further details, but this has been an issue for over a month probably closer to 2 months by now.
We've checked connection, with Telstra, and all seems correct. TPG, please get back to me ASAP, my dad is VERY keen to go back to Telstra if there is no quick resolution, and I am losing hope with TPG altogether.

Hi there,


On the TPG modem you have a light labeled phone1, this light have to be green.

Please connect your phone handset to theport labeled phone 1, then you must have a dialtone.

if both are true.

Could you tried with another handset?.

If not please advice as possible