NBN Home Phone

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Good afternoon,


Can anyone tell me why my nbn home phone stops working every time I disconnect my mobile from the Wi-fi network & I cannot reconnect my mobile to the network unless the router is rebooted?

Extra note, I have Wi-fi calling activated on my mobile.


Thank you.

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Hi @kmh002

What kind of NBN do you have and what modem are you using?

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Hi 2fly, FTTC & tpg supplied router Archer 1600v.
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It's very unusual tha one particular wifi device affect the telephone.

Have you change anything on the modem settings?

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Problem solved so to speak. Before disconnecting my phone from the network I first have to turn off WiFi calling before taking my phone off the network, this has stopped the home phone from being disconnected and requiring the modem to be rebooted. Why this is happening I don't know but I found a fix and I'll just have to keep following this process if I am to keep using Wi-Fi calling through my moble..