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NBN TPG Home Phone Conference calls limits

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I have TPG Home Phone on a NBN conection.


When I make a conferance call by earth flashing and dialing another number and then then earthflashing again and pressing 3 to connect all the calls, how many times can I do that?  That is haow many people can I connec this way?

The old non NBN phone system restricted this to only 3 people in a conferance call.  What is the limit with the  TPG NBN home phone conferance calls?





Hi @geoffgre, conference call is a handset feature and it will depend on your handset's capacity.


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Notice in the message subject I  refer to the TPG Home Phone service.  NOT Mobile.

Therfore the facility to make conferance calls is part of the phone network function and is not dependent on the handset capacity.   I know because I can earth flash on any land line hand set.  Even the very old ones that have no "capacity" at all.  I just have to quickly touch the hang up lever.  Earth flashing is a function that has been on land line phones for decades.


So my question is still unanswered.