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Home phone can't receive calls/handset not ringing.

Level 2

NBN conected Friday 14/12/18. Working well. However my cordless Phone (plugged in phone 1 socket) will not ring when i try to make a home phone call. I can dial out without issue and my number is displayed correctly on the receiving phone.My Uniden cordless  phone is about 10 years old. Do i need to replace this phone with a modern version?

Level 8

Hi @greynurse123 Welcome to the community.

You need to wait for the inbound porting to be completed, it can take from 1 to up to 5 days to happen, it won't have been a full business day until sometime Monday so all being well it may only take the 1 day, this depends on the previous provider, your existing Uniden cordless should work fine so no need to replace it.