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Need help getting phone number transferred to already installed NBN bundle

Level 2

Hi TPG community,


Is it possible to get a phone number transferred from one property (TPG account) to another when both accounts are current?


We're in this situation because we had two accounts active while moving from our rental property into our house, and we didn't know how long the NBN install at our house might take. 


We've been trying to get this done for almost three weeks now. TPG initially said that the number would be transferred within a week, but it hasn't been transferred yet. We've since had multiple calls and chats with TPG customer service, and aren't getting any clear answers or progress. 





Please send me on Private Message your customer account number or username or landline number to check.



Level 2

Thanks to johnp for helping me get this sorted! 


For anyone trying to do something similar - the problem was that when transfering a TPG phone number from one account to another you need to cancel the service you want to transfer the phone number from first. This is different to when you port a phone number from another provider.