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No Phone Working, internet is fine.

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I changed my Modem from the supplied Huawei to a TP-Link AC1600 following a major outage and the Internet service is fine with a much improved WiFi from the new modem.

However, the telephone service is now not working.


Customer support (from the Phillipines) tells me that if I use a different modem the phone line will not be available as it will only work with the supplied modem.


This is not acceptable and I question if it is correct.


I aso have a Gigaset A510 connected to this modem which advises that the Fixed Line is connected.




Your assistance would be appreciated.



Hi @HarryD 


Welcome to TPG Community!


Please be advised that using the NBN VoIP home phone will not work with a third party modem/router. The setting is embedded in the firmware of the supplied modem/router.


For you to be able to use the NBN VoIP phone, you have the option to set the new TP-Link AC1600 as a router/access point only device, which is set to DHCP/Automatic IP and connect it with the TPG supplied Huawei. You can disable the WiFi of the supplied modem in order to prevent the signal interference between the 2 devices.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,