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No incoming calls only outgoing.

Level 1a

I just switched over to the FTTN NBN and after plugging my ophone into the modem I can only make calls. I'm not receiving any. I tried ringing my number and i get a ring tone but my phone does not ring out. Any ideas on this?


Hi @train7337,


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We'd love to help and see what happened on your phone service. Kindly PM me your account details (username/customer ID) we'll have this checked.




JPK Level 1
Level 1

Weirdly, I have also just noticed this same behaviour on my line.  Wondering if it is an exchange issue.  I’m in Wollongong 




Hi @JPK,


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There was no reported issue in Wollongong. We'd like to look into it to understand the situation. Please shoot us a message of your TPG username or CID number.




Hi @JPK,


Thank you for sending your details. I was able to review the account and seen that you were able to make a call today to a 1300 number.


I have run some test as well and was not able to detect any issues on the network. No outage that was declared from NBN Co as well.


Are you still experiencing issues with your service?