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No internet for one whole week with no explanation from TPG

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Started having too frequent drops monday last week, 10/02/2020, then it was dead completely.

E-maild to TPG and got reply email and text message, saying that they would send a technician soon and an engineer would be engaged.

Waited and waited and none of the promises TPG made to me happened.

Kept sening e-mails for further complaint and all I got was auto-generated reply e-mail.

Yesterday, 15/02/2020, called TPG service centre several times but didn't go through.

I think that I have waited enough.

Is there anyone who actually took TPG to any administors, authorities or fair trading ?

The same thing happened December last year.

TPG asked me to do a self trouble shooting, ping test etc on our modem when the internet was down.

Then, they finally sent a guy to my place, who detected that it was nothing to do with our modem but it was some defected part on the phone line outside my home.

Anyone please advise me.



Hi @043376kay


Welcome to the Community! 


We apologise for the inconvenience that the connection issue is causing you. 


We rely on our wholesale provider to provide the service therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframe as well as scheduling. We have also been notified that there is an ongoing outage affecting multiple customers at the moment. 


Nonetheless, our Engineering team is continuously monitoring the status of the raised fault and should be in touch for further updates as we are yet to receive an ETR from Telsra.