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Only a part of my home phone is operational

Level 2
Level 2

My NBN/ TPG was set up yesterday.

My Internet is AOK but only a part of my home phone is operational. Let me give you details:

From the past when I was on ADSL2+ everything was working well. I have an answering machine with a cordless handheld receiver. With the new modum, I have plugged this into phone 2 port. This is working well!

Phone 1 port was reserved for the plug that came from the wall socket and services my wall phone ( in the past ADSL2+ times)  in another room. When I make a phone call, there is an engaged signal but finally connects but with a high pitch sound. The person I called can barely hear me.

I need both phones for I need access to the closest because of a medical condition.

I rang TPG Technical and advised me that I need a private technician to sort it out. I believe this is unsatisfactory.

Can you help me?

Level 8

Hi @Tom Welcome to the community.

I may be able to help you, firstly if you only have 1 phone service (as in a single phone number)? You must connect all devices to the phone 1 socket only on the back of the modem.


The phone 2 socket is only used if you have an aditional separate and different phone number from your main one.

The installation should not be compared to your old ADSL2+ service as the technology used is different.


What you need to do is connect your answering machine with cordless handheld receiver and your wall phone in the other room to the same phone 1 socket on the modem with the use of an adapter, in effect both devices need to be paralleled. The adapter required should be readily available at most department stores or electronic retailer stores.