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Over 3 months no refund of $193 made to my account

Level 2

I have been waiting to get my refund of $193 which was taken from account dishonestly from TPG. Long story short u send me modern which I returned asap I could, u guys still took $ 193 from my account. I have been chasing you guys to get my money back over 3 months now. Called millions of time every time explaining to different person what happened and gets same response someone will call you or sometime just hung up on me after 20/30 min hold. Now I have made a formal complaint with ACCC also and wrong you guys here. Here is last email I got on 1/2/22

Dear Gurvinder Virk,

I hope this email finds you well. This is Zabrinah from TPG,

Please be advised that your request to Modem Non-Return Fee $192 Refund has been processed with reference # 66273811.
Please note of the following for your future reference:

Validation request from warehouse team that Modem is in Good Condition.

Please feel free to call 131423 should you have more questions regarding your account and we are always happy to assist.


Give me my money back asap.


Hi @Greenmarch


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'll chase this with our Accounts team and escalate the case if needed.

Updates will be provided once available.