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PTSN disconnection

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I have been a TPG customer for approx 17 years.  Just recently we migrated to NBN.  Smooth, seamless transition.  I thought I had read somewhere that once connected to NBN you would eventually lose your copper landline conncection.  I should mention we had a phone home line with Telstra.  We now have an issue where our landline has been disconnected.  Can someone point me to the fine print that says its going to be disconnected in X days after NBN installation?  I thought there was about 18 months between connection and eventual disconnection.  We need the old number but now I am being told it cant be ported because it wasnt done at NBN connection time.  I find that hard to believe. So if someone can point me in the direction of where it says it will be disconnected that will be great.  Thanks

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Hi @HAMA, good question.


The copper is decommissioned in your area 18 months after NBN first becomes available or "Ready for Service" in your area, not 18 months after you move to the NBN service.


However, keep in mind that the copper network is not the same as your telephone number. If you didn't port or move your telephone number to TPG when you signed up for NBN, the telephone number is returned to the provider who owns that telephone number and goes into the pool to be allocated to other customers.


Edit: I see you mention the phone was with Telstra. Can you ask them if the number is still available for TPG to port?