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Phone Number Transfer Delay

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I cancelled my internet and did not realise that the number associated with the bundled plan would be cancelled along with it. I'll wear that mistake. But TPG seem to be punishing me for it.


I was assured that my number could be recovered and was advised to set up another bundled plan. But my number has not been transferred and I am now being ignored after more than 30 days. Emails are not being responded to. And customer support is abysmal.

I have customers contacting the old number. And all I need to do is set up a divert. I do not need internet; the previous modem is still installed but not used. They are trying to deliver a new one. All I need is to divert calls from the old number.


I was promised the old number could be sorted easily within a few days! Surely it is not that hard to do.


Hi @glenptill,

We'd like to check what happened in this instance. 


For reference, if you intend to port or transfer your existing TPG number or other number to a new provider, service providers usually require you to keep the number active until they have successfully transferred it. 


Any chance you can PM us with a reference number or your TPG account details so we can chase the relevant team involved?