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Phone Setup with NBN FTTP

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Late last year I signed up with TPG NBN Bundle and also got a "Pay as you go" home phone option included. I have FTTP at my home and set up my TPG supplied TPLink VR1600v easily and have been using it fine.  At the time I didnt have a physical phone to connect but had the option included in case I wanted to down the track. I would like to collect one now but no longer have the email on how to connect it. Is it correct that for FTTP connection I connect it to the NBN BOX not the TP Link router?  If so what port do I connect it to?  Also If it does connect to the NBN Box and not the supplied TP Link, does this mean that I could change to my own MESH router system down the track and remove the supplied TP Link and still have my phone connection working as its not connected through the supplied router at all.


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For NBN FTTP connections, the handset should be connected to the UNI-V port of the NBN box. We can look into your account and confirm which port is provisioned for your TPG service. You can send us a private message along with your customer ID or username.


Furthermore, you can replace the supplied router in the future with your own router without impacting the phone service.