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Phone connection cuts out

Level 2

Hi there,


My parents added an Oz Talk to their NBN bundle but have been having issues with their phone line disconnecting while on phone calls for the last 6 or 7 weeks now.


They will be on a phone call and the line will suddenly go silent or the line will be muffled and they can't hear incoming calls. A TPG technical support person called them to help resolve this and when they flagged this with them, they said it was likely due to the weather. Is this actually the case? Is this something TPG can look into?


Level 2

Exact same thing is happening for me for the past 6 or 7 weeks. I have NBN bundle and my phone keeps cutting out every 30 min to 1 hr.

Level 3

I have the Oz Talk add-on too, and have been having a similar problem for the past few weeks.  Did your parent's problem get resolved?


Our calls will sometimes get through, or will cut out when the other party has answered.  When I look at the phone it will have written on it something about the call being on hold, but neither party has hit a hold button.


It is intermittent, and other times the phone works perfectly and will make a long call.  Most frustrating.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention @jnovice1,


We ran an initial test and it shows no line fault that could affect the home phone service. We'd like to arrange one of our Technicians to contact you for real-time test and investigation.


Please confirm your best contact number and preferred time.

In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community