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Phone handset connected to router ethernet port

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We recently upgraded to NBN primarily because we were having trouble with our old DSL router. We were not aware that our copper line would be disconnect as a result of this upgrade and hence have lost our phone service. The new router that has been shipped has a port for connecting an old analogue phone, but I would rather move away from this old technology and also the supplied router.


The router that we have is the RT-AC88U, which has a WAN port and 8 LAN ports but no telephone sockets.

Is there a phone that we can buy that will plug into one of the available LAN sockets that will allow us to use the voice service provided by our NBN plan? If so, what features must this phone have?


Hi @sprocers


Our VoIP system relies on the customized firmware of the TPG supplied modem for the VOIP credentials to authenticate. Unfortunately, third party devices will not work as it is how it was designed.


You can still use your own router as a wireless access point, however it has to be plugged into the TPG supplied modem. 




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Is this likely to change in the future?

Otherwise, we will be looking for another provider once our contract expires...


Hi @sprocers,

We currently do not have the information yet for any updates to our VoIP system. We'll definitely post it here in our community for any changes. Let us know should you require further assistance.