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I've just called the help number which hasn't really helped me.  I have a Home Hub and am living in a block of apartments where the electrical room needs an Abloy key.  I have the power on but can't figure out where I'm supposed to switching/plugging things in.  The real estate agent has advised I will need the service provider/technician to attend my premises but the 'help' line person insisited I be at home to 'test' the line but I can't do that as the number of switehces and the eletrical room are not yet happening.






Hi @elenaguest,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that you have a newly installed service.


A home hub or switch is a third party device in which our technical team has limited support. Our team needs to make sure that the service is working on your premises that's why they require to run some remote test with your help.


We need to go through the basic setup first. Make sure that your modem and home phone is connected to one of your phone socket/wall socket. Check if you could receive a solid DSL/ADSL light on the modem or a dial tone on your home phone. If none, then our team needs to identify if we need to send a TPG or a Telstra technician to make sure that the internet is working.


Please note that any issues with the internal wiring of your building unit is out of our scope and should be discussed between you and your building management.


We understand that there's a scheduled call from our Tech team around 3PM today for the test. Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,