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Phone is disconnected while NBN was set up

Level 2

Hi, Team. I just set up my NBN last night while the phone was disconnected. I sped a hour over the phone with a technician. But he even don't know the phone line need to be connected with the NBN device. He asked me to connect the phone line with the modem. I spend half a hour to explain why the phone line need to connect with the NBN device to get NBN signals. I also asked him to watch the NBN set up instruction.  After half a hour I just give up. Can anyone please help to check my phone connection?

Many thanks!


Hi Wendy3047,


The phone service comes from the TPG modem that We provide. It does not work with third party devices.

Are you able to see on the TPG modem the PH1 light green?.

Please check this link