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Phone line does not work, internet with packet loss and very low speed

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Our phone line (adsl2 boundle) has been disconnected now for two days. Internet works (adsl2) but speed is very low comparing to before phone line disconnection. I know that they are working on NBN connection in our area and I saw someone working on phone wires close to our house the other day. I do not have any idea who should I contact to complain now. NBN or TPG or .... Shouldn't they notify us before doing these kind of things? Shouldn't they test the lines after they change something? Really frustrating situation!!!

Welcome to TPG Community @Benm7070


Before performing any troubleshooting, we recommend for our customers to check if the service is affected by a planned or unplanned outage. We always update our Service status page for the reported outage.


If the service is not part of an outage, then troubleshooting may perform to attempt in resolving the service issue. We've created an online guide to troubleshooting internet and home phone issue here. Also, there's an available article that will guide on how to troubleshoot a slow speed issue.


In your case, there's a possible fault within the copper network which needs to be investigated by our Engineering team. We've escalated the case and an assigned Engineer will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call once they've identified if a TPG or a Telstra technician is needed to resolve the case.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.