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Phone problem

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Good afternoon,

Since my connection to NBN in Sept 2017 and my change of phone service from Telstra to TPG, I have had trouble with my phone answering service, which is causing me some concern.


I have an Oricom PRO910 DECT Digital Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine connected directly to the Router (Archer VR 1600 v). The problem is that the answering machine is not recording missed phone calls even though it is correctly set up and fully operational (I have had it checked by Oricom).

Oricom indicate that the problem appears to lie with the router and NOT the phone.


I must have the answering service functioning correctly. It was fine before changing from Telstra to TPG! Normal phone calls are fine, it’s just the answering machine not recording calls. The service IS turned on!


My landline phone number is XXXXXX1788 and I’m at XX Gissing St, Blackburn Sth., Victoria.


Please help.



Bob Mammatt


Hi @chanel,

We do not have reference/information with your Answering Machine.


I confirmed that there is no reason why a third party answering machine would not work on our service.


The modem treats the answering machine just like an analogue phone. It passes analogue voice signal to it.


Let me know should you require further assistance.



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Thank you for your response, Shane.

I understand what you're saying, but there's just one point I'd like to make.You've made the comment:

"The modem treats the answering machine just like an analogue phone. It passes analogue voice signal to it."

My Phone is an Oricom  "PRO910 DECT DIGITAL Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine".

My question: Is the digital phone OK with an analogue signal? I have no trouble receiving or making calls, so what I've asked my be totally irrelevant. If it is, my apologies.





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Hi @chanel, as Shane has indicated virtually any analogue phone should work on the modem, the Oricom's interface is in fact analogue although marketing suggests otherwise, yes certain functions work in the digital domain but the connection is not one of them.

 That model appears to have an option of answer without recording a message, check that it's not in that mode.

From Oricom's support page

Q. The answer machine won't turn off?

A. The answer machine cannot be turned off all together.
It can be switched to answer only, which will not allow the caller to leave a message.
You need to press the button and put the answer machine to “answer only”.

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 HI Orbistat,

Thank you for this. I’ve just received a message from Oricom, simply saying all Oricom phones are compatible with NBN, so there we are.


I don’t have the technical knowledge to be able to find the cause of this problem….and there IS one….and I believe it is now up to Oricom to consult directly with TPG, as required , to do this. The responsibility ultimately lies with Oricom, I suppose. It is one of their instruments.

 Thank you for your help and advice.