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Porting landline phone

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On 3/12 last week, I had the NBN connected to my premises, changing from a Telstra broadband package to TPG NBN, including my landline. Info I have received says the NBN installation is complete, and if porting my number to allow 1-5 working days. I'm not sure what this last part means. Do I have to do something about the landline, or will it automatically change from the Telstra account to the TPG account?

Thanks in advance for your help

Level 15

Hi @lizgrecian . When your internet access is working, you can make calls out on your home phone. But, it could take up to 5 days before you receive calls on it. You can check by calling from your mobile. When your home phone can receive calls, you should check with Telstra that the account is closed.

Level 2

Hi. I did exactly the same transfer from Telstra to TPG. NBN started working 3 days after the request on November 11. But TPG mixed up my old phone number and informed me that porting was rejected. I corrected the number immediately. It took them 2 and a half weeks to fail the porting. Telstra told me that they were aware of the transfer request and would release the number when I cancelled the account, but TPG could not do it. 

I do not know how many times I contacted their call centre and others. They said "Wait until we let you know". I was so frustrated. They created what they call a ticket on November 30, but I had my new working home phone on December 8!! Here is some of the excerps from the communication between me and TPG during the time.


You may need tons of patience when you are dealing with TPG. Anyway, on the 30th day from the successful porting of NBN, everything looks fine at the moment.



It seems to me a completely practical joke! Three full days have passed since you said you had activated my home phone. When I dialed the number last night, I received a recorded message saying "The number you dialed is INVALID". I made a number of calls and one of the calls ened up with what you called a Ticket with a promise that the issue would be resolved in 24 hours. But there is NO HOME PHONE yet even if I had to abandon the idea of bringing my old home phone number over to TPG after having fruitlessly waited for more than two weeks!  I AM NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. Please stop playing your practical joke right now and do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A very frusted returning customer of yours.

TPG has exceeded my worst concern. They don't deserve to be a communication services provider. They have prevented me from using my home phone for almost four weeks.

Saying on November 30 that it would be resolved within 24 hours, TPG created what they call a TICKET for resolving my home phone probblem after having given up getting my old phone transferred. I made a number of calls. For  a few times, they told me that the issue was escalated to the next level. On December 1, TPG said  "TPG #11918###: The issue has been raised to our Network Admin. We will send you an update once we have their response. Thank you."

17.22 pm on December 4.  TPG updated me "TPG #11918###: The issue has been raised to our Network Admin. We will send you an update once we have their response. Thank you."  I asked "Weeks of investigation??? Is it the investigation of a 10 year old murder investigation? You are blocking my home phone communication for more than THREE WEEKS!!! Are you saying that you do not have a clue as to why there has been no home phone connection with my NBN service?"

12:49 pm on December 7. TPG updated me "TPG: Ticket #11918###. We are waiting for an update from our Network Admin. We will keep you updated on the progress."

My reply to TPG: " Your latest answer is the same as December 1. Is it permanent wait‽‽??????............  Tell me what is really going on. "


Finally, four days later on December 8, I received the following SMS.

"TPG Ticket #119181xxx: Our tests show your service is now operating OK. Your fault ticket will be closed. If issues persists pls reply to SMS & we will call you"