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Setting up Tp-Link Archer VR600v modem for TPG voip telephone hfern261163

Level 2

I have a message on the router "Telephone Status: Telephone Service is unavailable.PLease check your account settings or register a new phone"

I have a dial tone but i can't call out or receive calls. "This call cannot be connected at this time"

I tried to register the phone using the setttings as per web site

but this didnt work.

I have to change my router to a TP-Link Archer after the Huwaei one stopped working



Hi @hfern261163,


Welcome to TPG Community!

We have located the account using your community details. We can see that your VoIP service shows "Not Registered", which explains why it is not working.


Please note that the TPG NBN VoIP service is only provisioned on the TPG supplied modem.