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Setting up my S6 to have a static IP address.

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Hi, I'm considering buying some new equipment for work, and it has a dongle that connects to a WiFi point which then connects to a server abroad. The foreign server needs to be sure that the signal came from my country (UK). This is fine when I'm at the workshop but when I'm on the road I'll need to use my mobile hotspot as my WiFi point.

I need to be able configure my phone to have a static IP address, otherwise the foreign server won't accept the request. (Apparently your signal can get redirected through servers in other countries on its way to the foreign server)

Is this possible? The equipment suppliers say that I can just go to settings and change my WiFi settings to static. But I won't be connected to my WiFi point if I'm on the road!

Any help much appreciated. Thanks


Hi @BabuMoshai


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By the looks of your set up, it seems that your Office connection uses VPN to communicate with the Server to recognize that you  are using a UK IP. 


As for the connection during on the go, Mobile Data is the best option as this can connect you to the Internet where Home Internet / Public Wifi is not available. May we know if your are  planning to use a TPG Mobile Sim as your Data provider during on the go?