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TPG Lies and cheats - incompetence or deliberate? Kogan cheaper and far higher rated for your phone

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TPG are intentionally lying, cheating, over-charging and not providing the service they promise. It's disgraceful. They should be fined, or lose their licence after what I am still going through.

Please spread this simple message everywhere:


'@Kogan or @moosemobileau cheaper, better than rip off @TPG_Telecom'


Ridiculously, consumers in Australia have no choice but to use the power of the internet, as the 'Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - TIO' are paid for by the telecoms companies they are meant to regulate (and don't properly), which is why Telecoms companies can get away with scamming us. It is still worth filing a complaint, and pushing it hard, as TPG will have to pay for every compaint raised. (I think thousands for each complaint). Here's what I have - and still waiting for them to address it - for the last 9 months as a loyal TPG customer:


  1. I was heading overseas and once there realised my voicemail they had promised was working, wasn;t working. I then had to use Skype to call them, and TPG variously promised to fix it over the 8 month period I was away, including having an, 'engineer' look at it. Nothing happened, it was never fixed, it is still not working. 8 months away, no voicemail on my work and personal phone. They had promised it would work, and provided a number to call into it on while overseas. Now 8 months later their ridiculous explanation suddenly is that the plan I was on (which they sold to me so that I could keep the line active and receive voicemail) doesn't included voicemail. Very Expensive Lies. 
  2. A replacement SIM card on my return was promised and agreed to get to me in, '1 to 2 days' - this re-confirmed so as to get it well before Christmas. Two days later I get an email saying it had just been dispatched. I wrote saying that is not acceptable, and they said that it would now arrive on Wednesday 27th (which I would never have agreed). On top of this, they then admitted they had made a mistake and sent the SIM to their Sydney office and not to me as carefully arranged and agreed. I received the SIM card (for my business and personal phone) yesterday on 28th. Christmas and just home, and the most critical time for family, clients, and my number and voicemail not working. Lies. Incompetence. Hugely expensive. 
  3. When I arrived back from OS, I rang to go back onto the normal plan (paying double what a new customer would - RIP OFF) @$20 a month. They said I couldn't change onto that plan for THREE WEEKS (end of the billing cycle - not what I had been told and an obvious SCAM). This meant, a loyal old customer (+ 5 years) would be paying astronomical per minute rates. After some argument they finally agreed to change the plan immediately. They are intentionally trying to rip customers off here. SCAM. 
  4. They then immediately charged $30 to my account (after we agreed what was a $20 plan (which seems to have just gone up making it well above the market rates) and of course I would not pay for this WHEN the phone is not working right? (no SIM delivered, no phone) They are charging me more than we agreed, before even providing the service. This is totally illegal. They have charged an unagreed amount, of course more, for a service they promised to provide but have not provided. 
  5. I was forced to buy another SIM from a different company and am now paying for that this month until I can port my number to a ethical and much better rated and cheaper provider. Kogan or Moose in this case.
  6. 11 days of chasing them trying to get this solved, and they don't call, but write short emails every few days without addressing the issues. Incredible. 

TPG USED to be good - now they are lying, cheating, scamming and ripping their customers off. Check the proof above. For all of this, plus many calls, emails, 8 months withouth voicemail, over-charging, $40 of Skype calls, $20 of new sim card, unnaproved money taken from my account, a succession of lies and failures, no phone and no voicemail, they have the audacity to offer me $15 compensation. And to suggest they will charge me $11 porting fee. What a joke.


I'll now spread this message and ask you to also to help good Australians not get rorted by this company like I have been. (Easy online in many forums that help Australians) 


TPG owe me massively in time and the huge inconvenience this has caused me. This goes up every minute I have to work to get justice. Or I will just keep spreading this article. Let's see if they do anything. 


I've variously asked them to call and go through this and resolve it, but they just hide and write short emails that don't address the issues, and offer no solutions. They dont even call when they promise to. I've been doing all the chasing for months. Enough is enough. 


Spread the word, folks. Move to Kogan or Moose immediately. 


Community Manager

Hi @paddyl,

I really want to get this sorted for you and understand the frustration that you are having with this issue. Can you please private message your best contact number so i can call you to take care of this personally.

Ill wait for your message.



Dear paddyl,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your concerns with me last Thursday. I appreciate the input and have taken notes of them so we can improve the service we provide.


Should you need further assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
Joseph D

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Internet STILL DOWN DOWN DOWN since mid December - falling off every day and night - sent all ping and trace tests yet again as requested - still not resolved.. 


Cost me $500 today so far yet again - unable to work.


Had 'Mark' call on Saturday and he hadn't even read the email or looked at the screenshots - and wouldn;t admit it - that's $50 of my time wasted again..


Need this sorted once and for all today or am viralising. 






Hi @paddyl, we have also received your message on Facebook.


The connection is stable for more than 5 days now and we are not detecting any fault on the line/network at the moment.


Nevertheless, we have forwarded your concern to our Technical Team and  we will have Mary contact you for further assistance.

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I just searched internet troll and the #1 hit was someone called 'paddyl" strange that,,,

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Sorry to dissapoint you mate but this is legit. And you are clearly not. 

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Maybe try a bit of diplomacy and courtesy and stop being so negative in your posts, have another read of your own posts mate.

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Haha negative..?? Try relying on an internet service you need to work from - that hasn't been fixed since mid December. Im 50 calls and emails and many hours of my time plus thousands in lost business past diplomacy and courtesy. Why don;t youhave a look at and get a little perspective on how well TPG are dealing with these kinds of issues if you don;t believe me? We have to fight for our rights in these cases, sadly - and it is YOU that is the troll, clearly. Probably paid for by TPG.